Hunted Cow Games

Unity Developer

I joined Hunted Cow Games in April 2021 as a Junior Unity Developer, but have since been promoted to Unity Developer. Most of my time is spent working on an unannounced project, but I also help to maintain our other live games, Operation New Earth, and Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest.

The games that we create are mobile live service online multiplayer games.

You can find more information here:

Biscuit Sandwich Games

I was one of the founding members of Biscuit Sandwich Games, a company that was set up to develop our game Ready Set Sumo! which was our winning submission for funding through the Tranzfuser compeition in 2019. During this time I gained experience leading a game development team, aswell as planning and creating a game of high enough quality to release and sell.

Ready Set Sumo is a multiplayer pvpve game that put up to 4 players together in a ring to battle eachother in a quick series of rounds, while also looking out for hazards in the world.

You can find more information here: https://www.BiscuitSandwich.Games/

Siege Tank

This siege tank is a system I created in Unreal Engine 5, using C++. It was inspired by the siege tanks from the Starcraft games, and the tank controls from War Thunder. I wanted to create something that combined everything that I had learned from my previous smaller projects.

In the original games, you are able to switch the tanks between assault mode and siege mode, but the difference between these was mainly just a damage, range and fire rate modifier. For my game I wanted them to be more unique. So you can see I made the assault mode projectiles fast firing simple projectiles, whereas the siege mode fire slow moving projectiles, and arcs it's shots.

FPS Weapon System

I created this FPS weapon system In Unity as part of a university assignment, but I took it further after graduating. My goal for the system was to be able to quickly add a working gun to a game with nothing but a model and minimal setup. To complete this goal the system doesnt use any animations, and only requires you to select the different parts of the model, and align attachment points using unity gameobjects.

The system allows you to change alot of stats relating to the recoil and handling of the weapon, they can also effect the player controller that I custom made for this system, allowing you to make utilise the system to make different guns feel very unique. Attachments were also implemented to allow for greater customisation of the system and weapons within it.

You can find more information about the project here on my blog:

You can also find the project here on my Github:

C++ AI Projects

I have created a repository showing off some of the C++ projects that I have worked on in the past. These projects demonstrate my ability to write C++ code. These projects also had me learning about AI (Pathfinding, finite state machines, behaviour trees, and steering behaviours) aswell as working with OpenGL, with GLUT, GLEW, SFML and SDL.

You can find the repository here on Github:

Seeking Arrow

After watching guardians of the galaxy 2, I decided to make a seeking arrow in an attempt to make an interactive version of the one from the movie. I added it to a 3rd person controller with a gun, the arrow is able to pick a target and navigate to it without the user having to steer it. The arrow is activated when the user presses or holds a key. When the arrow is not in use it will hover by the players side ready to attack again.

You can find the demo here on

Texture Transition Shader

While thinking about what I would do for my dissertation, I decided that I'd like to look into creating shaders. This is my first attempt at a shader that I could use in games in the future. It allows you to transition between 2 textures or colours on a model.

You can try the shader here on